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The company is a for-profit Oklahoma registered S-Corporation, founded in 2001 located at 516 NW 20th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73103 and corporate website of www.hvacsoft.com. The company is the leading developer and provider of psychrometric analysis and chart software solutions in the world. The company develops, markets and sells HVAC/R engineering design software and software developer components. The company’s software products include commercial and industrial psychrometrics, energy analysis tools, automated CAD file generation tools and other HVAC component performance modeling and design programs. In addition, the company provides software and component development services.


The company is comprised of three primary business units:





Hands Down Software Business


Develops, market and sells psychrometric analysis, energy analysis and other software tools targeted to the commercial market.






Akton Associates Business


Develops, market and sells psychrometric analysis and energy analysis software tools targeted to the industrial market.





QwickLoad Business


Develops, market and sells light-commercial/residential and medium/large-commercial building load calculation software using advanced TFM algorithms combined with an easy-to-use user interface

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